Saturday, December 31, 2011

Penis Survey

I started this poll a year ago. I was actually curious what kind of response will I be able to get. Penis size has been a sensitive issue to all guys, admit it or not. I thought maybe people will not bother to vote and reveal what they are hiding inside their pants. The initial response was slow..but soon, votes starts trickling in. Over the course of one year, I collected over 1600 votes and over 2500 votes for erected penis size. 
I am actually quite surprise that the split between cut and uncut dicks are almost equal. I thought most guys are uncut.
This is kinda interesting because most surveys online do not include flaccid penis size. Here, you get to see that the average flaccid penis is size is between 2" to 3". There are a small percentage of guys with size less than 1" but hey they might be growers!
Finally, what is the average erected penis size? From what I gathered, it seemed to match most online penis survey results which is around 6". There are a handful of guys who are blessed with penis which is more 7" long! The only problem with this poll is I can't split the results according to race. But from the results, 50% of the guys have an average penis erected penis length of 5" to 6.5". Are you in this category?

Happy 2012

As I mentioned earlier, I will be leaving my blog today. So I have left a few last posts today for your viewing pleasure. Initially I intend to close this blog for good but after receiving numerous emails calling me to keep the blog, I have decided to leave the blog hanging in cyberspace. I won't be updating the blog but I won't say never. If there is anything interesting and worth blogging,  I might just add a new entry. So thank you guys for visiting this blog for the past one and half year. Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes to each and everyone of you for the new year!

Thomas Price 白梓軒

 Thomas Price was recently in Singapore to film a drama with Zoe Tay. Catch him on ch 8 at 9pm next tuesday. Before that, catch him nude inside.

黄晓明 Rumoured Webcam Video

黄晓明, famous china actor has a rumored leaked webcam jerk off video. The guy in the video looks 90% like him and is seen jerking his huge dick. Is it really him? See it and decide yourself...maybe he was webcamming with 李小兵 lol

Hot Chinese Hunk 亨利

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Japanese Actor - Takizawa Hideaki

Takizawa Hideaki was one of the few Japanese actors I liked when I was young. I thought he was incredibly cute. Though not the usual hunky guys like the Korean actors, his look has a different kind of charm. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Which is your favorite post?

As 2011 draws to a close and I will be closing the blog, I have consolidated a list of posts which ranks high in terms of no. of views they garnered. I have set up a poll at the side. Vote for your favorite post or leave a comment on which is your favorite. Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Closing of For His Eyes Only

I can't believe this site which was started out of fun has been around for 1 and half years since June 2010. Since then I have been sharing hot guys, cute guys, naked guys with you. I would like to thank the 575 guys who liked my blog n my 62 followers and many others who has been following. Hope you guys enjoyed the blog. To those people who didn't like my blog and who sent me emails, and comments questioning what I am doing, I want to set this straight...I am closing the blog because I feel I should devote my time for more important things in my life, not because of you guys :P. Its going to be 2012 soon and with the new year, this blog will be closed officially. Till then I will still be posting stuff if I have them. Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 everyone!

Random Hot Guy - Shwan Ng Part 2

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