Saturday, April 26, 2014

Male sensual massage

Its been a while since I been to a man to man massage. Is there any good ones left in Singapore?   I enjoy the process of lying naked on the bed and just relax and let the masseur work his way around my body. Starting from my legs and slowly up my thighs...teasing with the occasional rub on my balls and my ass. Then the real deal begins when he asks me to turn around leaving me vulnerable to his advances. Usually by now, my dick will be rock hard craving for attention.  However, he prolonged my agony by will slowly caressing my chest and then my abs,working his way down to the prize. Finally grabbing my cock and thrusting it hard in his palm. With my cock in one hand, the other hand will be working on my hole. Then before I know it...I came, in loads. Sprayed all over my own abs. 

Nude Self Photography 10

This is the update of epic proportions. Due to the number of photographs there may be duplicated pics because I lost track.  How to qualify for a nude selfie? Well first of all it must be a selfie with face visible. Second of all, the dick must be in the frame be it hard or soft. So there you are.. enjoy. 

I wonder why do guys like to take nude selfies only to panic when they see them online. You took it, you sent it to someone. You know the risks.

Jeremy Yong Part 5

Friday, April 18, 2014

Its been five months

Time flies. I can't believe its been five months since I last updated this blog. Been really busy with stuff...travelling, gymming, dating. I guess this blog has taken a backseat in my life. I was just thinking if this blog is even relevant at all. Nowadays, people get their daily dosage of 'hot stuff' from Tumblrs, instagram which they can easily access from their cellphone. How many people are still interested in my blog? I am in fact surprised that there is almost 9.3 million views on this site. Now I hope it will hit 10 million. I have a stash of material which I haven't got time to post so stay tuned. I am seeking contribution as well. Especially pictures of cute and not Singaporean guys and maybe even some gossips and news. I need to make this site a little more local. If you have some pictures, do send over so I can share with the rest of the guys who are still visiting this site. If you have nude selfies which you would like to show the world, I welcome them too! Cheers guys and have a happy weekend!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Asian Porn Star - Andy Honda

I realised I have not featured Andy Honda in my favourite porn star post. Andy has a angelic face and a hot body but surprisingly his dick is rather small for a porn star. 

Embarrassing moments in public shower

 Have you ever had an uncontrollable erection in the public shower or locker room and were trying so hard to hide it? 

Naked Sports

Manhunt Singapore 2013 - Jason Tan

Our representative for Manhunt International 2013 - Jason Tan. Personally I think he is the best winner in history of the competition and our best bet (yeah he is better than Jason Chee). Boyish good looks, charming smile, nice lean bod (not too bulky). Lets hope he do Singapore proud next year in China. Lets chart his rise to the throne.

Asian Nude Models

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