Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cute and Hot Singaporeans Part 3

Every year, various colleges in Singapore will hold their own pageant to find the hottest guy and gal among the freshies. Here are the finalist from SMU, NUS and SIM.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

B2B Massage

Have anyone of you tried body to body massage? The hot naked body of the masseur carressing every inch of your body and finally giving you the happy ending. I tried it once and it was a little embaressing and also very exciting. Haha. I was quite nervous as it was my first time and I didnt know what to expect. When the massuer took off his clothes revealing his thick cock I was not sure if it was polite to stare. Then he took off my towel and I was totally naked in front of him. He asked me to lie down and then start to slowly massage me. At times his cock will "accidentally" rub against my face. I am not sure if I should touch him. In the end I did not. What a waste. I just let him move his body on top of mine slowly. It was really arousing. Its like sex without the actual act. Soon everything ended with me cumming all over my body and he lead me to the shower and wash me clean. Do you have experience to share?

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