Saturday, December 25, 2010

From Boys to Men

Leonardo Dicaprio, from scrawny teen to brooding leading man in Hollywood.

Leonardo showing his cute ass in the gay film Total Eclipse. In fact he showed us a glimpse of little Leo in one of the scenes which came back to haunt him after he got famous. At 35, he is still one hot man.
Jamie Bell, the ballet dancer in Billy Elliot has also grown up well too.

Joseph Gordon Levitt last seen in Inception started out as a teen star as well.

He show us his skin in the gay movie Mysterious Skins. There was a brutal rape scene in the movie.

The shower scene after he was raped.

This pic needs no further introduction.

Eeeks! His hairy-ness kinda freaks me out.

This is young Christian Bale in Empire of the Sun.
Christian Bale word..HOT!

His frontal scene in the movie American Psycho.
Kevin Zegers. I remember watching him in the movie series Airbud. Now he is one hot dude.

Kevin and Felicity Huffman (from desperate housewives) in Transamerica.

He got naked for transamerica. This guy got one thick member.
Nicholas Hoult in About a Boy with Hugh Grant in 2002.
Now, a handsome young man.

Nude scene with Colin Firth in A Single Man.

Nicholas showing us how he looks like when he cums.

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