Monday, August 23, 2010

Mr. Hong Kong 2010

Mr. Hong Kong 2010 just ended. Here are some photographs of the finalists and the winner.

The finalists in gym attire.

Showing off their well trained bods.
Whats manhunt without the swimwear parade?
Hunks in trunks...all ten of them.

Can you guess who is the final winner already?
He is the one...with his signature pose.
Accidentally exposing his balls...
Here he is again with his signature pose.

I find his smile very you?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Models: Josh Wald, Eugen Bauder, David Rich

Josh Wald

Eugen Bauder

David Rich

His series of photos with Playgirl

Singapore Youth Olympics

Not many people are really paying attention to the Singapore Youth Olympics. But there are some really good athletes (cute too) out there, if you do pay a little attention.
Eszter Dudas (Hungary), Miguel Valente Fernades (Portugal), Fanny Beisaron (Israel) and Alois Knabl (Austria) of Team Europe 1 - Triathlon
France's Jeremy Oberzil (left) from Team Europe 2 and Ukraine's Andriy Sirenko from Team Europe 5 - Triathlon
Silvermedalists Michalis Nastopoulos and Apostolos Lampridis of Greece, goldmedalists Jure Grace and Domanjko Grega of Slovenia, bronze medalists Matthew Cochran and David Watts of Australia - Rowing
Australia's youth men's 4x100m medley relay team members (from left) Justin James, Max Ackermann, Nicholas Schafer and Kenneth To
Australia's Nicholas Schafer, Kenneth To and Max Ackermann
Victor Baluda of Russia - Tennis
Zhu Xiaodong of China - Gymnastics
Rainer Ng Kai Wee of Singapore - Swimming, our only silver medallist in the Youth Olympics

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hunks in Underwear

Sometimes revealing all is not as sexy as just wearing a piece of underwear. Seeing a hunk wearing his underwear just let your imagination run wild and its more sexually stimulating then baring it all at first sight. Here are some hot sexy hunks parading their underwear for your pleasure.

Which balls do you want from me?

Do you want to get between my legs?

Come sit beside me....

Those longing eyes...
I am already on the bed..what are you waiting for?I am ready...

Come on..I am waiting..
Let me show you something..

I am taking it off..

I am spreading my legs for you...
You are making me all wet...
Pick one..
Lastly..the very sexy Hidetoshi Nakata in his calvin klein campaign.

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