Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Justin Hopwood - A n F latest quarterly model

Justin Hopwood, a south african model who is on the cover of the latest Abercrombie and Fitch Quarterly. With his brooding good looks and hunky bod, its not surprising he is the next big thing in the modelling world.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Justin Gaston

Justin Gaston, former underwear model and more famously known for being Miley Cyrus took it all off for Peta latest campaign. Here are the shots..

His modelling shots..

I prefer the other guy in the same campaign - Benjamin Elliot. He is so much hotter.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Team Edward or Team Jacob

With the latest movie from the Twilight Saga out in theatres again. Its Team Edward vs Team Jacob time yet again. IMHO, the twilight movies are crap. Its lame, sappy and over dramatic. The actors and actress, yes I am refer to Kristen, cant act to save their lives. Oh well, at least they know how to market the movies. Lots of half naked guys to appeal to the gays and robert pattison to appeal to the gals. So is it Team Jacob or Team Edward for you? Personally, its Team Edward above the shoulders and Team Jacob below the neck for me.

Oops..Tummy showing...

Either Mr. Robert abs are CGI or he has been working hard for the role.
A rare glimpse of Robert's pubes from the flim "Little Ashes" before Twilight was made.
This dude has absolutely no time to wear a shirt in the movie. Not that we are complaining...
Showing off his hard earned bod at the beach. He is only 18 years old this year.

Taiwan four hottest male leads.

阮经天 Ethan Ruan, 贺军翔 Mike He,高以翔 Godfrey Gao and 吴尊Wu Chun. Four hot guys from Taiwan. Here are some photos of these four hot guys.

Ethan Ruan teasing with his butt crack.

Before he was famous, he was less shy about showing off his bod.

Seems like he is not exactly packing his calvin klein.

A glimpse of his pubes.
Mike ho showing us little mike in a group of photos taken before he is famous.

Eeeks...Geisha ..what was he thinking?
Godfrey Gao. He is 1.95m tall and with a body like wonder he is IT guy now.

The famous photo from his pictorial book that shows off his famous cute tiny nipples.
Wu Chen. My personal favorite. Looks, bod and personality. This guy has it all.
Hunk in white tank top and jeans is just a perfect combination.

A rare sexy photo of Wu Chen. Seems like he shaves his pubes.

The abs looks a little over "photoshopped".. See below for comparison.

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