Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Famous Sportsmen

Below are a collection of some famous sportsmen, pretty much naked.

C. Ronaldo on a holiday

With an ass like this...
Who can resist?
Ronaldo in a very suggestive pose.
Rafael Nadal has one of the most muscular ass..
Check this out!
Novak Djokovic showing off his bod at a fashion show.
Our great old David Beckham. That seemed seriously stuffed.

Unless his balls are really big or he definitely got a pair of socks in there.

Michael Phelps in nice skimpy trunks instead of the bodysuit

Monday, June 28, 2010


安非他命 the latest movie by hong kong director 雲翔. Starring ex Mr. Hong Kong finalist Byron Pang 彭冠期 and Thomas Price白梓軒, this movie is the director third movie that touches on gay issues. The first being "City without baseball", followed by "Permanent Residence". These films have one thing in common - Extensive male nudity. Surprisingly, these actors are not afraid to bare it all in his films. The characters in his movies seemed to be naked at every opportunity available (I am not complaining). Enjoy the following screencaps all three of his films. Byron and Thomas enjoying a sensual bath together

Thomas price looks like a cross between Lee Hom and David Wu (when he was young).
Nice bubble butt (Thomas price)

The infamous gang bang scene from the movie which was censored during screening in Hong Kong.

Byron admiring Thomas's ass.

The following pictures are from "Permanent Residence"

Some picture from his first movie "City without Baseballs"


李治廷 or Aarif is the hottest guy in Hong Kong Cinema now. Having won the best newcomer award at the recent Hong Kong equivalent of the oscars, he is the IT guy in the scene. Besides acting, he is also a singer. His looks bear a certain resemblance to Lee Hom although personally I think Lee Hom is much hotter. Aarif face is a little too long he looks abit like Dong Fang Billy. LOL. See it for yourself.

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