Saturday, September 17, 2011

Malaysian Actors 王冠逸 Lawrence Wong & 谢佳见Melvin Sia

 Lawrence Wong and Melvin Sia from across the causeway..rumoured to be a couple. Don't they look good and sweet together? Who is the top and who is the btm? Kinda obvious isn't it? 

 Melvin Sia, Malaysia no.1 actor in the television world.

 Lawrence Wong


  1. I've seen them before strutting around at Pavilion. Melvin Sia is way too effeminate to be Top! Haha..Well, it's hard to predict one's sexual role, isn't it. You can try searching more on Malaysian Celebrities such as William San, Coby Chong..Tsk, tsk.

  2. if lawrence wong is really together with melvin sia, then i feel sad for him. lawrence wong looks like a nice guy.... but melvin sia has a reputation of being a slut... who will spread legs for career...

  3. both have nose jobs


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